Cogito Ergo Mox Non Ero
So I was thinking and…


The Disciple was dating Troll Jesus.


While Meulin was sleeping with the antichrist


But I ship Nepfef.


Who (it occurs to me) was raised by this


Man I hope prescratch Nep was dating a First Guardian

The circle of divinity would be complete

Spice Girls - Wannabe
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Released eighteen years ago yesterday, “Wannabe” is a undisputed pop classic.


Okay but think about this.

V’stalu of the Galaxium could have spoken through anybody.

He possessed The Force Galactic. He could have spoken through Red, or Felton, or the Barkeep, or a total stranger.

Instead, V’stalu realized the person he needed to speak through in order to reach Sparks Nevada was Croach.

But Croach was dead.

So the most powerful being in the cosmos at that time brought back a martian who’s body had been ravaged by alcohol and shot clean through.  He fixed that body and restored the personality and soul of that martian, making him 100% alive and himself again, and inhabited that body because that martian was the correct person to convince Sparks Nevada that he was the chosen person to save all of creation.

Even the universe realized that Sparks and Croach not being together was wrong, and had to step in and fix it.



who is john. why is he locked. free him .


Is this the Handmaid


Is this the Handmaid


People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

30 Days of TAH, day 11

Day 11: What are your favourite Beyond Belief episodes?

fhw5tyfrg i’m so far behind. Not gonna maintag these so I don’t spam you. So yeah, I got stuck on this one for a few days because BB is my favourite segment…. here goes a small sample.

1. “Djinn and Tonic”. This was the first BB I ever heard and it didn’t take me long to love it. I feel like I’ve already raved a lot about this episode but whatever. JK Simmons and Joe Mantenga are genies. The Doyles now have unlimited liquor. Good times.

2. “Teenagers of the Corn”. Okay, so it’s a combination of Children of the Corn, IT, and… The Wonder Years? Of course. That’s totally a horror thing. And it’s not a body switching episode. I think it was genius to have the narrator of the story jump in as a character - and yay, it’s everyone’s favourite clown, Nightmares!

3. “Caped Fear”. Double vampires! Reverse thralls! Okay, this is mostly on the list for being a starring episode for one of my favourite minor characters. Of course I mean CARLYSLE RAVENCASTLE, DARK HUSBAND TO THE MIDNIGHT. Unfortunately it is also his defeat, but he went out in a pretty great episode. Also, Sadie is a good hostess and has blood on hand as a mixer.

4. “Art Imitates Life”. One of the most intriguing plotlines, we are thrust into Sadie’s life with Basil Valentine and left to wonder just what is happening for the first several minutes. I assumed it was a flashback episode showing Sadie and Basil’s brief relationship, until the details didn’t quite add up. Eventually, we find out that this is an alternate timeline! It was a really cool insight into what life could have been like if the Doyles never got together. (Horrible is what it would be. The pairing is life.)

5. “Prelude to a Fish”. I like this one because it’s just weird. There’s a mermaid, and she’s in love with a lagoon monster, who was really a human under a curse, and there are woodland animals singing some really creepy tunes. And the characters being monsters is kind of secondary to the whole thing? LIke it’s really more about their relationship. And Jason Ritter is in it. And Paul and Storm did the music. Cool beans.

Honourable mentions: “The Yesterday Shop on Today Street”, “The Bloosucker Proxy”, “Wishing Hell”, “Sarcophagus Now”, anything with Pterodactyl Jones